WhatTheyThink Reprints

Whether you choose a news item, feature article, or reprint, our reprint rights are unlimited and you get the appropriate file type based on the content. Reprint rights never expire.

Feature Article Reprints

WhatTheyThink has some of the best journalist and experts in the industry writing about topics that matter to your customers. Purchasing reprint rights to our feature articles is a great way to leverage this content to benefit your sales force in communicating your unique value proposition.

Basic Reprints
Basic reprints provide the text and any graphic and images of the article. Basic reprints are good when you want to incorporate within existing marketing communication templates, landing pages, and marketing programs.

Branded Reprints
Branded Reprints are a print-ready PDF file with WhatTheyThink branding along with your company branding and “about text”.

Basic reprints are $249 and Branded Reprints which includes company branding are $325.

Video Reprint

WhatTheyThink is a leader in industry specific video content.  Purchasing rights to a video for use internally or to broadcast in a trade show booth or other event is a great way to maximize content from our video area to benefit your business.

Basic reprint rights are $199 and custom reprints that include an edited version with your branding are $449.